University & Alumni

Art Tours profoundly understands Educational Travel and Study Abroad. 

The sheer reach of our programs touches every corner of Europe and even beyond. 
We can call upon country experts with decades of experience realising professors’ and educators’ teaching aims on site, including experts on entire regions with the breadth to accompany groups from start to finish.

We know how to make your programs shine in the setting of our many destinations, whatever the focus or discipline: from public health to business studies, engineering to architecture, from art and history to general educational programs highlighting the human story.

Meanwhile our travel planners are fluent and practically faultless bookers, matching attention to detail with a real eye for the overall aims of the institution, and the enjoyment of all involved. 

Art Tours Education benefits from all the know-how of Art Tours’ travel specialists, while also understanding the essential differences of educational travel. Education has been at the heart of what we do from the beginning, but experience is priceless. 

We are alert to the priorities and concerns of University Study Abroad departments, the need to provide equal access to travel for a broad range of students, and how best to support the care of students and faculty abroad. 

Universities and institutions cherish Art Tours’ ability to plan and respond quickly to unpredictable events in our fast-changing world, which can present dramatic and unexpected challenges to educational groups abroad. We will be by your side every step of the way, saving the day with our vast contacts and dedicated team, able to make on-the-spot re-bookings and arrangements. 

As well as this priceless peace of mind, Art Tours simply offers quality rarely found in educational travel. Professors, teachers and institutions are repeatedly delighted at how far we can make their resources stretch, what extraordinary opportunities we can offer, and how unexpectedly rich the whole experience of educational travel can be with us. 

Our experts understand how to ensure the program presents educationally valuable material in ways that ensure students are thrilled they took the course. Matched with the unrivalled diligence of our planners, you can be sure that faculty and staff leading the group will be able to spend the maximum time teaching and interacting with their students, and that university and school study abroad departments have their ideal partner in realising their vision. 

‘We’d just like to send our gratitude for all of your wonderful support. It amazes us how a thousand details of logistics all fit together so smoothly (from our perspective anyway). What you all do seems like magic to me!’
Dr. Ryan Kirk, Elon University