Sicily & Islands


Sicily is one of our favourite destinations. Though part of Italy, its history is different to the mainland with strong Greek and Arab influences. The staggering variety of places, from ancient temples and theatres, roman mosaics and Arab-Norman castles to the dramatic hilltop towns filled with baroque architecture, makes for a unique European journey. Explore these treasures with our superb guides as well as the national parks, beaches, old coastal tuna fishing stations, open air markets and vineyards on the slopes of Mount Etna.

Named after the Greek god of the winds, the Aeolian Islands are situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea north east of Sicily. The best way to visit the seven islands of the archipelago is by yacht. Sail to Panarea to see the underwater remains of the Roman port, head over to Pollara, the setting for ‘Il Postino’, or drop anchor off Stromboli for a dinner of local fish, pomodorini, olives and local wine. Do contact us for a bespoke island experience. 




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