Opera in Venice

Venice is a particularly magical place to enjoy the opera.

Tours & Regions

Guidecca redentore

There are wonderful performances every year at La Fenice, Venice’s world famous concert venue, where we can arrange private boxes. Venice also puts on a number of informal concerts in its churches, where we can also organise private performances.

Venice painting

Why not combine music with some art? No visit to Venice would be complete without a carefully planned cultural programme to see some of Italy’s most beautiful art and architecture. For over a decade we have been designing VIP tours of the city.

Venice hotel
Private Apartment

Looking for something more interesting than another hotel? We can arrange for you to stay in a beautiful private palazzo with views over the Grand Canal, full of important Venetian paintings and antiques from the 18th century. There is a wonderful cook who can prepare dinner and staff who provide impeccable service.

San marco venice lion
Private Visits

We are known for our behinds the scenes access to major museums and sights in Venice and access to private collections.