Gardens of Sintra

One of the great pleasures of Portugal are its houses and gardens. They vary in size and scale, ranging from the grand landscape gardens of kings and viceroys to delightful contemporary private gardens.

Tours & Regions

Montserrat Gardens
The Gardens

Some of our favourite gardens are clustered around Sintra, a short drive from Lisbon. This was originally the hunting retreat and private pleasure grounds of the Portuguese kings and many famous travellers have fallen in love with the area from William Wordsworth to William Beckford. It is easy to understand why: Sintra lies in a beautiful landscape of mountains and woodlands and has its own micro-climate.

Queluz palace
The Houses

Amidst the gardens and landscapes of Sintra are a number of magnificent palaces and fairy tale villas and our local guide can bring their history and architecture to life for you. Or you can explore on your own with our suggested itinerary with its carefully written notes and instructions. There are a number of lovely private houses and gardens to visit, not open to the public, but whose doors we can open for you.

Sintra royal palace garden
Exploring & Relaxing

Sintra makes a perfect escape and our bespoke itineraries will have you exploring wondrous houses and gardens for 3-5 nights. It’s the perfect place to relax and read. Or even do some yoga at a retreat we love. We recommend having one of our lovely drivers look after you during your stay as driving here is a nightmare in Spring and summer.

Sintra gardens

Arriving in Sintra is to step into a paradise world, but care should be taken about when you travel due to tourist numbers. We know the best hotels and our favourite is a delightful boutique property with only a small number of rooms tucked away in the heart of the landscape. This is a genuine escape and is in the grounds of a spectacular private property.