Ultimate Russia

Our 10 day trip to Moscow and St Petersburg is the ultimate tour of Russia.

Tours & Regions

St Petersburg Domes
Amazing guides

Our local guides are brilliant and gifted and we only work with a handful of trusted friends. They will make all the difference to your experience.

St Isaacs Cathedral
Incredible Art & Architecture

From The Hermitage to the grand palaces of the Tzars, St Petersburg boasts one of the richest concentrations of art and architecture in the world. The feel of the city is European, which makes the trip to Moscow all the more interesting. Moscow feels distinctly Russian and also has an incredible array of art and history to explore. It’s an easy train ride between the two cities.

Moscow fountain
Activities & Accommodation

Our Russian journeys are not just about art. We arrange boat trips, fine dining, horse and carriage rides, and you can even learn to be an astronaut! We use a select number of 5 star hotels where we get preferred rates.

Moscow cathedral
Private visits

We like to keep you away from the crowds in St Petersburg and Moscow, and can arrange private visits to the key sights. We take you behind the scenes with curators and museum directors and show you collections that are not on show to the public.