Moscow has constantly reinvented itself and is multi-layered: Orthodox, Tsarist, Soviet and Capitalist. Our tours delve into this unique cultural mix and you could experience everything from visiting the Kremlin on your own and enjoying a private box at the Bolshoi ballet to meeting an astronaut.

Tours & Regions

St. Basil's Cathedral
Art & Architecture

Moscow was founded in the 12th century and it teems with grand churches, cathedrals and palaces: from the Kremlin and Red Square to the romantic walled monasteries outside the city. We arrange most of our visits privately to keep you away from the crowds.

Moscow fountain
Something different

Moscow offers a range of exciting activities to give you a break from the culture. Whether it’s a Russian gourmet restaurant, spending a day in the Russian military or tasting the food they eat in space!

Hotel Metropol Moscow

Like St Petersburg, there are a host of hotels to choose from. We find a handful are head and shoulders above the rest and can advise.

Bolshoi theatre interior
The Bolshoi

Clients often tell us that their private box at the Bolshoi ballet was a trip highlight. We can also show you behind the scenes.