Villas of the Veneto

Palladio is one of the most influential architects in history and his magical villas are clustered in the Veneto. For those interested in architecture there is no better trip in Italy, and there are many beautiful towns and landscapes to explore as well.

Tours & Regions

Veneto Villa Rotunda
Private Visits

There are a number of important villas that are not open to the public and visits to them will make all the difference to your trip. See some of the most beautiful interiors in Italy, which few know about let alone see. We can even arrange for you to stay in a private villa designed by Palladio for the full experience.

Contemporary sculpture Veneto
Exploring the Region

The Veneto boasts many beautiful towns, villages and gardens, which are stuffed with incredible things to see. We know them all and can advise on where to go depending on the length of your trip. We love the Brenta Canal which is lined by grand villas and palaces, along which we can also arrange a private boat trip.

Veneto steps view
Your expert guide

Our Palladian villas guide is a leading authority on Venice and the villas of the Veneto, is widely published and a brilliant teacher.

Veneto Fresco
Stunning Art & Architecture

Palladio loved symmetry and proportion and there is a unique poetry to his architecture. While this tour focuses on his buildings there are many other wonderful villas and palaces to explore, some by his followers, not to mention interiors filled with beautiful frescoes.