Ultimate Rome

Looking for the ultimate city escape? Rome has it all. History, art, architecture, food, walks, private visits and much more. We have designed many kinds of trips to Rome over the years, from families and groups of friends to museum and alumni groups and VIP’s. Our access to private collections in Rome is second to none and our experts who guide in the city among the very best we work with.

Tours & Regions

Rome St Peters
Behind the Scenes

Rome is a city of many layers and we love to show parts few people know about, let alone see: incredible private collections, atmospheric walks where there are few tourists and access to world renowned museums after they are closed to the public.

Rome Pantheon
A fabulous guide

Two of our most brilliant local guides live in Rome, and both published authors on the city and its history. They are passionate teachers and great fun to be with. They will transform your understanding of the Eternal City.

Rome Ninfa Gardens
Gardens & Countryside

Some of Italy’s most beautiful gardens and landscapes are a day trip away and make for a lovely contrast with walking the busy streets of Rome. There is no better place to explore Renaissance and early baroque gardens.

Tivoli Private Villa

We have worked with the best hotels in Rome for over a decade and can advise accordingly. For those who want a complete escape, we can also arrange wonderful private villas out in the countryside a short drive from the city.