Ultimate Florence

For art lovers there is nowhere quite like Florence: as ‘Cradle of the Renaissance’ the city offers a staggering array of art and history to explore. Our trips to the city are unique and born of over a decade of experience sending VIP’s, museum groups, art collectors, families and friends to the city.

Tours & Regions

Pontormo Santa Felicita
Private Collections

Florence is a city of many layers and we love to show parts few people know about, let alone see: there are several incredible private collections we have access to, not to mention getting you into world renowned museums after they are closed to the public.

Florence Private Garden
Private Gardens

Some of Italy’s most beautiful gardens are in Florence. The finest are not open to the public and we arrange private visits to them, which might include private a lunch, or dinner and even a private watercolour painting lesson.

Florence Statue
Your expert guides

We have wonderful guides for Florence; passionate teachers and great fun to be with. They will transform your experience of this city so rich in art and history. Our experts include museum curators, writers and a brilliant sculptor!

Florence Private Palace

We have worked with the best hotels in Florence for over a decade and can advise accordingly. For those who want a complete escape, we can also arrange wonderful private villas out in the countryside a short drive from the city.


Michelangelo's David:
A Private View


Experience the world's most iconic statue on your own. Here is a video from a private visit.