Genoa & Cinque Terre

Genoa comes as a surprise, all too often bypassed as visitors flock to Italy’s more famous cities. But it has treasures and beauty galore, while the Cinque Terre, the Italian Riviera, is full of romantic towns and villages.

Tours & Regions

Genoa historic building
Art & Culture

Genoa was probably the richest city in Italy in the 17th century and wealthy Genovese merchants built accordingly and had Rubens and Van Dyck paint their portraits. The Via Garibaldi is one of the most interesting streets in Italy, and a UNESCO world heritage site. We recommend at least 4 nights in Genoa to cover the highlights.

Geenoa Villa Zerbino
Private Visits

Genoa has some of the most guardedly private collections in Italy. We are able to open doors to some of the most important, which mix both Old masters and contemporary art.

Genoa cathedral
Your expert guide

Our local guide in Genoa is a published author, historian and art historian and a brilliant teacher. He will make all the difference to your experience.

Liguria Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

The Italian Riviera is a wonderful place to relax after an art filled few days in Genoa. We know just the hotel too. Boat trips, private dinners on the beach, walks and gardens await…