The serious student of German art and history should not miss Nuremberg. Contact us to find out how it can be incorporated into your trip.

Tours & Regions

Nuremburg Kaiserburg
A Medieval fairytale

Nuremberg’s golden age was 500 years ago. It’s Germany’s biggest medieval fairy tale. All over town master craftsmen have left treasures to be cherished. In the hands of an expert guide there is endless culture to behold and visitors miss most of it. Don’t be one of them, spend at least two nights here and savour it.

Nuremburg rally grounds
20th Century History

This charm was Nuremberg’s undoing when it attracted the Nazis, on the look out for the most mythical German town. Not far from the historic heart are the grounds where they had their mind-numbing rallies and the courthouse where the surviving war criminals were brought to some justice.

Wasserschloss Mespelbrunn
Further Afield

Near Nuremberg are many wonderful day trips to miraculously preserved towns. Nuremberg is also close to Prague, which is a whole other world of Art Tours.

Nuremburg bridge
Telling a story

For this city to come to life understanding history is vital and there is no better way than to be accompanied by one of our amazing guides.