Leipzig is a mere one hour from Berlin, and one hour from Dresden, and on the brand new super high-speed rail line connected Munich-Nuremberg-Leipzig-Berlin. It will appeal most to classical music lovers.

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Gewandhaus Leipzig

Leipzig is Germany’s secret capital of music - Bach composed for 27 years in Leipzig and his concert hall still stands. Wagner was born here. You can visit Robert and Clara Schuman and Felix and Fanny Mendelsohn’s houses – and why not let Art Tours organise private recitals for you of their music in these composers’ own living rooms?

Bocklin Die Toteninsel

The city also has a burgeoning art scene, building on a heritage of artists that lived and worked here during the East German era, some of them fascinatingly subversive. The Communist regime was eventually brought to its knees on the streets of Leipzig and our guide will tell you the story.

Leipzig Nikolstrasse

A hundred years ago Leipzig was the second richest city in Germany and you can still see testaments to this prosperity and significance in the architecture, as well as mighty evidence of its watershed role in the Napoleonic Wars.

Leipzig Grimmaische Strasse Auerbachs Keller
Quick Stop

This can be a quick stop as part of your wider exploration of Germany but should not be missed.