Dresden is a revelation. They said it would take 70 years to repair the damage from the infamous bombing of 1945; 70 years have passed and the result needs to be seen to be believed.

Tours & Regions

Dresden Zwinger Porzellanpavillion
Glorious Collections

Dresden’s palace has been rebuilt and the royal collections are on show again in all their glory for the first time since 1939, from the most exquisite paintings (think Raphael and two Vermeers), world class porcelain and a royal treasury bettered by few others.

Dresden Zwinger statues

Dresden’s baroque cityscape nestling the curve of the Elbe River is back. The Zwinger is one of the most beautiful spaces anywhere. If you know where to look there’s great contemporary architecture and lovely neighbourhoods spared by the bombing.

Dresden Zwinger Wallpavillion
Give it time

Many guests have lunch here on the way to Prague. We recommend you stay at least three nights, to take in the full glory of the city. Dresden is a mere two hours from Berlin, and in handily in between Prague and Berlin.

Dresden DD Schloss
Accommodation & Guides

Our brilliant guides based in Dresden will make all the difference to your trip and will unveil its secrets. We use a couple of preferred hotels only.