Paris is one of those rare cities which you can’t visit too many times. It is so rich in art and history that it would take several lifetimes to explore it all. There are many obvious sights to see but we like to design trips exploring the hidden gems of this beautiful city.

Tours & Regions

Paris Sacre Coeur
Highlights of Paris

Paris is arguably the most beautiful city in the world. It’s a heady mixture of stunning architecture, museums, gardens, restaurants and shops. But how do you enjoy the city away from the crowds? Where do you find that perfect restaurant and where do you stay? We have been designing tours to Paris for nearly a decade and can help.

Paris Louvre
Art, Walks & Museums

We relish showing you parts of Paris that few people see, let alone know about. Whether it’s an artist’s studio, a private art collection or visiting a major museum after it is closed to the public. Our Paris guides are all local and passionate about their city and they also lead wonderful walks.

Paris face statue
Gourmet Tours

We arrange tours that open up the gourmet world of Paris. Visit a small private chocolate boutique and enjoy tastings with a master chocolatier. Explore wonderful patisseries that still use 17th Century ovens. On our Secret Wine Bar Tour discover old classic wines bars, learn about the history of wine making and sample delicious wines.

Versailles Palace and Garden
Versailles & Further Afield

Versailles is just one of the many day trips that we offer outside Paris and where we can arrange behind the scenes tours away from the crowds.