Berlin, Munich, Dresden

Berlin, Dresden and Munich make for a journey through the centuries. A re-invented and
dynamically creative Berlin contrasts with the old world magnificence of Dresden and the
flair and eclecticism of Munich.

Together with our exceptional guides in Germany we can design an itinerary to three of the most
inspiring cities in Europe visiting museums out of hours, taking in private collections as well as
historical walks retracing some of the most dramatic events of the last century.


Ruined in the War and divided by the Cold War, Berlin has been reborn. The city is a vibrant mix of Old Berlin grandeur, new architecture shaped by the likes of Libeskind, IM Pei and Norman Foster – creator of the glass dome for the new Reichstag German Parliament – and a thriving contemporary art and design scene. It is young city in an old country, shaped by some of the most creative people in Europe today. Our guides tell stories of its challenging past and weave in some of the greatest museums in the world. We can visit the powerful Holocaust Memorial and the Jewish Museum, organise private tours of the Pergamon and the New Museum to see Babylonian and Egyptian treasures, as well as explore the city’s history in the dark days of the twentieth century.


Almost completely destroyed by allied bombing in the war Dresden has literally risen from the rubble to become one of Europe’s richest cultural destinations and an Art Tours favourite. Dresden is home to sumptuous Baroque and Rococo treasures. The wealth and beauty here – including restored palaces, art collections featuring works by Raphael, Vermeer, Canaletto and
exceptional porcelain – is wildly out of proportion to the city’s size. These world class gems are now also on display in their original exquisite surroundings, re-opened only in the last decade. To make Dresden truly unmissable, the city offers a seductively peaceful riverscape at its very heart and otherworldly countryside beyond.

August Robert Ludwig Macke
Garden on Lake Thun (Pomegranate Tree and Palm in the Garden), 1914


Munich is a hidden capital of art. We have the keys to a whole world created in Munich by the power and art crazed ruling Wittelbach dynasty. Everyone knows mad-King Ludwig,
we’ll introduce you to the rest of the family. We can show you Renaissance Florence, Baroque Rome, and neo-classical Paris inside the city limits. We’ll add beer halls, the green spaces of the English Garden, some of the most colourful expressionist paintings as well as extensive contemporary and private collections.




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