Casa Vicens Gaudí, Barcelona

In the early Middle Ages Barcelona was the trade capital of the Western world, cosmopolitan, home to the Genoese traders, German burghers and London brokers in the kitchen of the world. It is the home and research lab of history’s most influential chef Ferran Adria, inspired by Gaudi, who in turn looked to the Catalan Gothic and pared down Romanesque to search out the heart and soul of this creative paradise. Enter Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, the new 8th wonder of the world, is utterly breath-taking. But, Gaudi was just one of a generation who created a unique cityscape crafted from wrought iron, stained glass and cutting edge technology. In the quiet squares, off the beaten track, monastery gardens are enchanting havens from life on the street. It is in Gaudi’s private houses that his genius shines forth, human, ergonomic, comfortable yet wildly eccentric and shockingly new.




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