As Constantinople it became the ‘New Rome’: seat of the Roman Empire for 1,100 years and bastion of Christianity in the east.

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Ortakoy Mosque View
Istanbul Arrival

In 1453 the city of Constantine became ‘Istanbul’ after it fell to the Ottoman Turks.

Suleymaniye Mosque
Istanbul Religious History

Sultans replaced Roman emperors and churches became mosques.

Hagia Sophia Mosaic
Istanbul Hagia Sophia

This explains why Istanbul is overwhelmingly rich in art and architecture. The Hagia Sophia is one of the great architectural achievements of mankind, and the great Ottoman mosques are among the finest Islamic buildings in the world.

Istanbul Lights
Istanbul Artistry

The city abounds in great museums, which house everything from the archaeological wonders of ancient Turkey, to the finest Chinese and Iznik porcelain, jewels and decorative arts.