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Venice & The Veneto

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Byron eulogized its beauty, Ruskin extolled its gothic architecture, Henry James captured its melancholic atmosphere, D H Lawrence mocked it, but Venice still defies description. You have to navigate the narrow alleys and canals yourself to encounter the magic of this city.

There can be few walks as rewarding as one in Venice, entering churches filled with works by Bellini and Titian, climbing a campanile or simply turning a corner with another beautiful view to greet you. There is nothing ugly in Venice. The islands of the Venetian lagoon are full of charm and beauty, not to mention a host of rarely glimpsed treasures.

We arrange bespoke trips to Venice with fabulous guides, private visits, and private boats. We can arrange for you to stay in your own palace on the Grand Canal.

Venice has become a centre for contemporary art, from the Biennale to the new art museums. We arrange long weekend trips in the company of contemporary art experts.