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If you understand the history of Sicily, you understand the history of Europe. So wrote one 18th century Grand Tourist. Sicily is arguably the richest Italian region for art, history and culture. For 3,000 years it has played host to the most powerful ruling elites of the time: Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, French, Germans, Spanish, Austrians and at times even the English. This confluence of cultures has created a mix of art and architecture unparalleled in its brilliance, from the Doric Temples of the Greeks, to the delicate carvings of the Sicilian baroque.

Two of the great mosaic schemes of the world are here: the Roman mosaics at the Villa Casale and the Norman Byzantine mosaics at Monreale. Caravaggio did some of his finest paintings in Sicily and the island is host to a number of other great artists lost to the annals of art history. If Palermo, Syracuse and Taormina are on well-trodden tourist paths, Art Tours can also take you to a host of hidden gems.

We offer access to the great private collections and palaces of Sicily as well as private visits to some of the most popular sights on the island.

“Superior levels of scholarship are not required to appreciate such privileged access when accompanied by owners and guides of this calibre. In Palermo I was entranced.”
Julian Allason, Country Life Travel