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Naples & Campania

Arch view

The Grand Tourists used to say ‘See Naples and die’ such was its beauty. Today, it is Italy’s most unsung city. How many other European cities boast the oldest Christian baptistery in the western world, one of Caravaggio’s finest paintings, and a defining sculpture of the baroque era, all within ten minutes walking distance of one another?

On the city’s doorstep are the stunning Roman remains of Pompeii and Herculaneum, not to mention some of the finest Roman wall paintings in existence at other sites unknown to most visitors. The wider Bay of Naples and its islands, generally missed, are full of beauty and history.

We organise long weekends to Naples and more extensive tours of the region.

“Much in Naples remains hidden. My consigliere was Art Tours…Its guides trusted with keys to the most private collections and palaces”.
Julian Allason, Country Life