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Genoa & Liguria

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Genoa feels ignored compared to other great cities of Italy, but it should not be missed. It is full of the most wonderful surprises: splendid galleries and museums, great artists and wonderful food. The city lies in a natural amphitheatre between the mountains and the sea. It grew into a major naval power in the medieval era as a crossroad of trade and culture between Europe and the Near East. The heart of the historic city, with its network of dense alleys or caruggi, is one of the largest UNESCO heritage sites in Europe. The city’s golden age in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries is reflected in the splendid Mannerist-Baroque palaces built by aristocratic Genoese families: the Balbi, Doria, Grimaldi, Pallavicini and Serra among the most prominent. We can arrange private visits to the finest private palaces in the city as well as behind the scenes tours of the major museums.

The wider region of Liguria is full of things to see, from the beautiful Italian Riviera towns of Portofino and the Cinque Terre to inland towns and cities of great historic interest.