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It is no surprise that Italy is our most popular destination. It is unequalled in the richness of its art and architecture. It is unmatched in the freshness and simplicity of its food. It is so varied in landscape and custom that the visitor faces a myriad of wonderful possibilities. The Italians meet you with kindness and generosity at every turn.

With a long established network of Italian friends across the country, we can craft completely bespoke itineraries for those interested in seeing what most tourists miss. Our selection of private visits and guides is second to none. We also organise gourmet tours in Italy.

Please read our regions' pages to learn a little more about its history and what we offer.

James McDonaugh is a leading expert on Italy and has taken over a hundred trips to the country over the past decade.

"Milan is studded with treasures. James McDonaugh guided me expertly around ... My perfect weekend."
Clive Aslet, Country Life