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Greece has a rich cultural history set in the exquisite Mediterranean. The blue and white of the nation’s flag are apt symbols of a country where cobalt church domes lie alongside the alabaster of ancient cities. The real and mythic past are closely interwoven in this cradle of Western civilization. A tapestry of poetry and philosophy will inform every step of your journey.

Athens is usually the first port of call. Here, the Acropolis and Agora await, with some of the finest archaeological museums in the world. Further afield in the Peloponnese lie the evocative ruins of Mycenae, Epidavros, Olympia, and, in Central Greece, Delphi and Meteora. Venturing north to Greece’s second capital, Thessaloniki, there are superb museums and archaeological sites.

We also arrange tours around the Greek islands by private boat and we can recommend the finest villas.

“If ever there was such a thing as high art, these treasures would surely be it.”
Julian Allason, Departures