Impressions of Paris


Few cities equal the elegance and sophistication of Paris. Our tours range from those devoted to particular artists and periods to a more general overview of the city and its history. All our groups enjoy access to the same range of fabulous guides and specialists, and visits to private collections and behinds the scenes access. The itinerary below is a small sample of what we can offer.

Day 1 Arrival

On arrival at the airport you will have a VIP greeting to whisk you directly past the queues to your guide and driver. Settle into our preferred 5 star hotel with wonderful views of the city. Begin exploring on a Paris highlights walk followed by dinner in a great restaurant loved by Parisians.

Day 2 Louvre & St Germain

Your lecturer will tailor a visit to the Louvre to your interests; the collections are vast and wide ranging and we have many angles for you. After lunch at a hidden away brasserie, enjoy a walk in St Germain exploring everything from an ancient abbey to charming art galleries, old squares and literary cafés.

Day 3 Montmartre & French Revolution

Drive up to Montmartre and explore the hangouts of Lautrec, Van Gogh, Picasso and Renoir and learn about the Art Nouveau movement. Continue after lunch with our French Revolution walk, reliving the momentous events and learning how the Revolution shaped Paris as it is today.

Day 4 Small Museums of Paris

Paris is one of the richest cities in the world for small museums, a number of which are no larger than a house. You will have access to private visits and your guide will bring them to life.

Day 5 ‘Impression Sunrise’

Walk in to the Musee d’Orsay, bypassing the long lines, and spend the morning seeing some of the finest works in the world by Manet, Monet, Degas, Renoir and other Impressionists. After lunch in the 16th, visit the Musee Marmottan and finish the day at The Orangerie. Dinner with a private collector.

Day 6 Modern & Contemporary

There is no better to city in which to learn about the genesis of Modern Art and Paris has a thriving contemporary art scene. Your expert guide will take you to the key museums and you will also enjoy very special private visits to private collections and artists’ studios .

Day 7 Versailles

This is just one of a number of day trips that we offer outside Paris. You will enjoy a visit to the private apartments of Marie Antoinette not open to the public and lunch at a fabulous brasserie known only to the locals.

Day 8 Depart