Istria is one of Europe’s hidden treasures boasting beautiful coastal towns with a strong Italian flavour. Poreč exemplifies this with its delightful Venetian architecture, harbour views and the astonishing UNESCO Basilica of St Euphrasius. The basilica is a masterpiece of 6th century Byzantine architecture with mosaics to rival those in Ravenna.

An hour’s drive south of Poreč lies the charming medieval port town of Rovinj, with atmospheric cobbled streets, wonderful sea views and beautiful baroque churches. The jewel is the 1736 Church of St Euphemia modelled on St Mark’s in Venice.

Further down the coast is Pula. Take a walking tour of its magnificent Roman monuments, which include the immense amphitheatre with its grand stone arches, Arch of the Sergii and the Temple of Augustus, one of the finest Roman temples outside Italy.