Dubrovnik and Split

Dubrovnik, ‘pearl of the Adriatic’, is a beautiful maritime city whose walls have stood for over a thousand years. The view from the Minčeta Tower is unforgettable. It is a delight to walk around the city amongst the well preserved medieval and renaissance buildings.

Highlights include Onofrio’s Large Fountain, the Church of St Blaise and Dubrovnik Cathedral. According to legend, the original church was funded by a votive gift from Richard the Lion Heart. Titian’s Assumption is beautiful and the Cathedral’s Treasury has a wonderful collection of relics.

Split has a unique heritage: it evolved from a palace built by Roman Emperor Diocletian in 295 AD. Today, it is the capital of Dalmatia and Croatia’s second city. Your guide will take you on a walking tour of the city, whose Palace remains its heart and has influenced countless European buildings. Other highlights include the Temple of Jupiter and Split Cathedral.