Raphael David caravaggio naples St Peters French Baroque Pieta Bernini Fountain

Renaissance & Baroque

The wealth of Renaissance and Baroque art across Italy is staggering. Examples of our themed trips include Renaissance Florence, Renaissance Courts, Baroque Rome, Sicilian Baroque, and Palladian Villas. Almost all our tours to Italy touch on these two styles and periods of art.

But Italy is not the whole story; London, Paris and St Petersburg are fabulous cities in which to explore these periods. Aside from the world class collections in The British Museum, The Louvre and The Hermitage, all three cities possess superb architecture, not to mention a host of smaller museums and fabulous private collections.

“Superior levels of scholarship are not required to appreciate such privileged access when accompanied by owners and guides of this calibre. In Palermo I was entranced.”
Julian Allason, Country Life Travel