A Turkish Odyssey


This is just one example of the many tours we can arrange to this extraordinary country. The more time you give to Turkey, the greater your reward. We can organise everything from long weekends in Istanbul to month long tours of the country or longer. Please enquire further if you would like to know about our boat itineraries.

blue mosque

Day 1 Istanbul – Arrival

On arrival in Istanbul a VIP representative from our team will whisk you through security avoiding all the queues. You are met by your guide and driver who take you to our preferred 5 star luxury hotel with a suite overlooking a magical view. Enjoy a short introductory walk in the early evening before dinner at a fabulous restaurant.

Day 2 The Byzantine Empire

A wonderful day lies ahead as you explore the wonders of the Byzantine period. Your guide will show you places hidden to most tourists and you will enjoy a very special private visit to one of Istanbul’s most important buildings. Lunch will be at a superb traditional Turkish restaurant and dinner will be on the shores of the Bosphorus.

Day 3 The Byzantine Empire (continued)

Continue learning about the extraordinary art, architecture and history of the Byzantine Emperors, with a very special private visit to one of the most important Byzantine churches in the city. Lunchtime views are quite wonderful and dinner will be in a magnificent private yali with a tour led by the owner.

Day 4 The Ottoman Empire

The glory of the Ottoman Empire is something to behold. Spend the morning exploring the Topkapi Palace, followed by the Spice Market and lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. Visit the city’s greatest mosque in the afternoon and two other gems that very few tourists see. Dinner will be in the Beyoglu district.


Day 5 Modern & Contemporary

Istanbul has become a vibrant capital for contemporary art and today you will enjoy a visit to the Modern Art Museum, contemporary art galleries and visits to artists’ studios. Enjoy an early evening ride on a private boat on the Bosphorus, as one author wrote, ‘The real beauty of Constantinople is in its water. Water everywhere, clear, blue and shimmering’.

Day 6 Istanbul & Izmir

Explore the Grand Bazaar, the largest covered market in the world and lunch atop one of Istanbul’s finest new buildings. Then depart for the airport and fly to Izmir and settle into your suite in the city’s finest hotel. Dinner will be at a fabulous fish restaurant overlooking the sea promenade.


Day 7 Ephesus

Drive to Ephesus where you will have a very special visit shown around by the chief archaeologist emeritus and you will see areas of the site not open to the public. After lunch in a delightful local restaurant you will see highlights from the museum before returning to Izmir.

Day 8 Pergamum

Depart the hotel and drive to Pergamum where you explore one of the most dramatic sites of Greek antiquity. After lunch locally visit one of the most important sanctuaries for healing in antiquity before the return drive to Izmir.

Day 9 Sardis & Aphrodisias

Fly by helicopter to Aphrodisias , one of Turkey’s most beautiful sites, lying in a breathtaking setting, and enjoy a private visit before the crowds arrive. After lunch, fly to Sardis, once the capital of the ancient Greek kingdom of Lydia and see the magnificent ruins, including an ancient synagogue.

Day 10 Priene, Miletus & Didyma

Fly by helicopter to Priene one of the most romantic of ancient Greek cities, before flying on to Miletus , home of the early philosophers. Finish the day at Didyma examining the magnificent temple of Apollo. This is one of the largest and most unusual Greek temples.

Day 11 Ankara / Cappadocia

Fly from Izmir to Ankara to see the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations , which is bursting with treasures going as far back as 8,000 BC. After lunch fly by private jet to Cappadocia and settle into your luxury hotel with stunning views over this unique landscape.

Day 12 Cappadocia

Up early to ride a private hot air balloon as the sun rises. Reach 5,000ft and have views that will imprint themselves forever. After lunch visit Goreme the most famous area of ‘rock-out’ churches in Cappadocia, and enjoy a beautiful drive afterwards to take in the beauty of the landscape. Enjoy a private dinner on your last night.

Day 13 Depart